Choose the Right Size and Shape

  • 1. Measure your Space

    Measure the width (left to right) and depth (front to back) of the oven walls or grill. Subtract 2" from each measurement to allow for a 1" gap on all sides for proper airflow. Any baking stone this size or smaller will work. Be sure your dimensions allow the stone to sit flat on your baking rack.

    Click here for detailed information on how to determine the proper size stone.

  • 2. Choose your Shape

    Choose the shape that meets your baking needs. Rectangular stones can accommodate a wide range of baked items — loaves of bread, croissants, pizza, etc. Round baking stones are great for pizzas, round loaves, or smaller cooking spaces.

  • 3. Customize

    We can also custom cut any of our rectangular baking stones for the perfect fit. For a $15 fee, we will trim a larger stone to your exact dimensions (up to 31 3⁄16" x 20 3⁄8").

    Click here to Request a Quote if you need a stone larger than 31 3⁄16" x 20 3⁄8".

Oven Baking Stones

All stones listed below are 3⁄4" thick. Best Sellers fit most home oven sizes. Unless noted, all products below feature a beveled edge for ease of lifting / moving the baking stone.

Barbecue Grill Baking Stones

For grill use, we offer the same 3⁄4" thick home oven baking stone paired with a metal pan flame diverter. The baking stone rests in the flame diverter to protect it from direct contact with an open flame (the baking stone may also be used in a home oven without the flame diverter). The dimensions below reflect the size of the flame diverter which is slightly larger than the baking stone. Use this larger dimension when determining fit.

Click here for a complete list of stone sizes and thicknesses available online

Pizza Stones by Oven

All stones listed below are arranged alphabetically. These premium replacement pizza stones come with a flat edge profile and have been manufactured to fit the specified oven.