Revolutionizing Baking for over a Quarter Century.

In 1991, we introduced FibraMent®Baking Stones as a safe and durable baking deck solution for commercial gas and electric ovens. Family owned and US made for the past quarter century, we have grown to become a leading commercial supplier of baking stones and oven decking throughout North America, South America, and Europe. Our baking stones are the preferred choice by pizzerias, bagel shops, pretzel shops, and bakeries — anywhere a hot baking surface is needed. Now considered the premiere standard for the commercial baking industry, FibraMent is available in a wide variety of sizes for use in a home oven or grill.

Our Commitment to you

Superior Performance

Whether you’re a Professional Chef, home-kitchen gourmet, or just looking to get a crispier crust from a frozen pizza, a FibraMent Baking Stone will elevate your baking. Ovens generate uneven ambient heat. FibraMent Baking Stones have optimal thermal conductivity and heat transfer properties that provide even, stable heat so you can bake back-to-back pro-quality pizzas, bread items, and other foods much more evenly and thoroughly than with convection or radiant heat alone. You’ll achieve a perfectly browned, crispy crust; light, airy croissants; flaky biscuits; and a golden-brown bottom crust on your pie, every time.

Safe & Trusted

Because food products are placed directly on the baking stone, we know the importance of ensuring the safety of our patented composite material. FibraMent is fully certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), an independent product testing and certification organization headquartered in the United States. The NSF mark is your assurance the FibraMent baking stone complies with all established standards and guidelines for safe use in baking ovens and contact with food. FibraMent is the only commercially available baking stone with this certification.

USA-Quality Craftmanship

Family owned and American made for over a quarter century, we’ve remained steadfastly committed to quality craftsmanship. Each FibraMent Baking Stone is precision engineered using a patented, reinforced composition that is meticulously poured, formed, and cured. At each stage of the manufacturing process, every baking stone is inspected to ensure it meets the most rigorous standards for quality, superior performance, and durability. We back this commitment with a 10-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Manufacturing Flexibility

We stock the widest selection of sizes to fit most commercial and home oven makes/models that can be shipped immediately. Our Chicago location means short shipment times to most locations. We can also work with you to provide custom, precision-engineered manufacturing solutions to meet your unique requirements.