Home Oven Baking Stones - Custom

FibraMent® rectangular baking stones can be trimmed for a custom fit. To determine the proper size for your oven, first decide where you'll place the baking stone and then take some measurements. We recommend placing the stone on the lower or middle rack. The stone must be supported by a rack or tray, do not place it on the oven floor

How to determine the proper fit for your oven:

  1. Allow for 1" open airflow around each side of the stone. Measure (to the nearest 1/8") the interior width of your oven walls from side to side (the red arrow) and the depth of your oven from front to back (the blue arrow). Subtract 2" from each of these dimensions to allow for a 1" gap on all sides of the stone for proper airflow. These are your adjusted oven width and depth measurements and are the largest stone dimensions your oven can accommodate.
  2. The stone must rest flat on the rack or tray. Next, be sure the width and depth allow for the stone to rest flat on the oven rack. In the example image shown, the stone dimensions cannot be bigger than the depressed rack size (the yellow arrows) otherwise the stone will not rest flat on the rack. If this is the case with your oven, use these measurements when ordering your custom cut stone.

Custom Home Oven Rectangular Baking Stone

Select the baking stone that is larger than your required size, then enter your desired “trim-to” dimensions. All stones are 3/4" thick.

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Custom-sized baking stones do not have a beveled edge. All sales are final. Please contact us if you need assistance in determining your stone size.

Click here to Request a Quote for customized sizes not shown (thicknesses to 2" and plate sizes to 48" x 80"), or if you require shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, international addresses, or priority shipping.