Countertop Oven Baking Stone 17 3/4" x 17 1/2" x 1/2"

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Have fun baking at home and achieve the results you want with FibraMent, the baking stone preferred by professional chefs around the world.

Home ovens and grills generate unwanted temperature fluctuations with hot and cold spots. FibraMent baking stones are engineered from a patented formula that is designed to hold and transfer heat evenly across the entire baking surface. The consistent heat means crustier breads, crispier pizza crusts, and an “evenbake” every time. Unlike thinner products that are prone to cracking, FibraMent professional grade baking stones are highly durable and available in 1/2" thickness.

Family owned and hand crafted in the USA. Backed by a 10 year warranty.

You can feel confident placing your food directly on the FibraMent baking stone. FibraMent is certified by NSF, a global, independent product testing and certification organization headquartered in the United States. The NSF mark is your assurance that FibraMent baking stones comply with all established standards and guidelines for safe contact with food. FibraMent is the only commercially available baking stone with this certification.

Temperature Limit, Continuous Use: 1000°F, intermittently 1500°F
Compressive Strength: 9,363 PSI per ASTM C109
Moisture Content: 6-10% of dry weight

Your FibraMent Baking Stone must be properly tempered before its initial use; the simple process is explained on the instruction sheet that’s included with each baking stone [or click here for a pdf download]. Once the baking stone has been pre-dried, it will provide years of carefree baking.

For best baking results, position your baking stone on the lowest oven rack with at least 1” of room on all sides for proper airflow. Begin with the rough side of the baking stone facing up. Both sides of the baking stone can be used for baking, but there is less likelihood dough will stick to the rough surface.

With your baking stone in a room temperature oven, pre-heat it for 30-45 minutes prior to use. Since the baking stone absorbs and retains heat, the preheating process will ensure your food bakes evenly. When finished baking, allow the baking stone to cool gradually in the oven to prevent thermal shock or cracking.

To prevent breaking, never place baking stones in direct contact with an open flame. For grill use, always use the flame diverter.

Avoid excessive contact with liquids (oils, water, etc.) as this will decrease the surface strength. When baking sticky dough or oily items (cookies for example), use parchment paper, aluminum foil or baking pans/screens on the surface of the baking stone.

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FibraMent baking stones are backed by a 10-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.