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FibraMent® Commercial Baking Stones

For 30 years, FibraMent has been the undisputed choice in baking stones for commercial use across North America and Europe. Precision engineered from our patented blend of kiln-fired high temperature and conductive raw materials, FibraMent ensures temperature uniformity across the baking stone throughout numerous heat cycles. Our Quick Heat Technology is specifically formulated and manufactured to provide an even, rapid heat transfer; optimal heat retention; and quick recovery time while maintaining thermal stability.

FibraMent is certified by NSF, a global, independent product testing and certification organization headquartered in the United States. The NSF mark is your assurance that FibraMent baking stones comply with all established standards and guidelines for safe contact with food.

Custom and stock sizes are available for most dimensions. We can accommodate a variety of shipping requirements including drop shipment, blind shipment, palletized freight, etc.

Markets Served


FibraMent is the preferred choice in top culinary circles and professional kitchens because it ensures an evenly cooked and perfectly crispy crust on pizza, breads, pretzels, bagels and other baked goods. We have a wide variety of sizes in stock and offer shipping methods with quick turnaround times. We can also customize FibraMent to your specific requirements.


FibraMent improves the baking properties and extends the life of commercial ovens. Whether you're rebuilding an oven or replacing older stones, we stock a breadth of inventory for most commercial oven makes and models that can be shipped immediately. Our Chicago-based location means short shipment times to most states allowing you to quickly meet your customers' needs.


FibraMent has been the first choice in OEM specified baking stone solutions for new oven manufacturing for 30 years. We can work with you to provide custom, precision-engineered solutions for your unique requirements—all with competitive pricing and quick, flexible shipping.

Commercial stone sizes are available in thicknesses to 2" and plate sizes to 48" x 80"

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Fibrament Physical Properties

Thermal Conductivity, K: 6.52 BTU In./hr. sq ft./°F per ASTM C177

Heat Capacity: 1.01

Temperature Limit, Continuous Use: 1000°F, intermittently 1500°F

Density, Dry: 131 lbs. per cubic foot

Moisture Content: 6-10% of dry weight

Compressive Strength: 9,363 PSI per ASTM C109

Flexural Strength, MOR: 2,453 PSI psi per ASTM C78